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We are now USA Licensed!!

I would like to announce we are now legally licensed to play in the USA!!
Thanks for all the donations so far! We still need to collect money to pay the ongoing fees, but we are on a great start!

TuneIn will NOT reinstate out feed due to their very silly policies, but I will have a new TuneIn link/page soon for those of you who like to use TuneIn.

To Donate please foll the below link;

Thanks again to all!

Cocktails for every occasion!

I recently came across a very cool site for cocktails and other recipes….

I actually landed on this page while researching some cocktail music.

Check out their site!


Sinatra live at Noon, everyday!

Hello all….

Starting today on “The Lounge Sound, we are to play everyday at noon(12PM EST) 30 minutes of Frank Sinatra singing from a Live concert event! “Sinatra Live at Noon” The live events are from 1957 up to 1980.

These will be songs from all of his recordings of live events, and there are many! Most times when Frank sings at live events, like The Sands Hotel in Vegas, Madison Square garden and in Paris, he tends to mash up his songs into melodies, or changes around the tune and or words when singing live, and sometimes even confuses the band members with a quick switch of tempo, it should be interesting! So tune in at noon(EST) and give a listen!

*** Update on USA Licensing for The Lounge Sound


Hello all…. After some researching, my current yearly license I purchase(from SOCAN) is officially for listeners on Canadian soil only. For our listeners in the USA I need to purchase another license! I am taking steps towards purchasing a license at my own expense as my station is non profit or a hobby station. I will update you as I move forward to purchase the appropriate license. Thanks for all your patients!

Sara Gazerak – New songs

Added a few Sara Gazarek tunes today. She has a great velvet voice.
Check her out here…

New album added today – SummerTime – Willie Nelson


Good day all, today I added Willie Nelson’s new album, “SummerTime” Willie Nelson sings Gershwin.

New tracks from Peter Kavanaugh

Hello everyone, I hope you all had some fantastic holidays!
Today I added some tracks to our playlist from a new up and coming Jazz artist named Peter Kavanaugh from his new album “Whisper Not”.

His sound is smooth & tight, the perfect music to relax to and have a Martini.

You can hear some of his tunes at the below link or just stay tuned into The Lounge Sound!


Guess who likes The Lounge Sound?

cheers (1)

Morning all… I was excited to see over the last week or so a few of The Lounge Sound’s recent “Page Likes” & “Twitter Likes” are from some very COOL & SWINGING people!

I would like to thank all of them for their acknowledgement of the greatest Music ever written that is played on The Lounge Sound!

Here are a few of them…

* The official “Bobby Darin” Facebook Website as well as his twitter account.
* The one and only “Count Basie Orchestra”
* The very smooth Yanick Bovey
* The very talented Mr. Matt Goss
* The wonderful Sara Gazarek
* A great modern crooner Dominic Halpern
* The sultry Melissa Marquais

Thank you all for your support!

Lets all have a happy hour toast tonight for all these great artists, while of course Listening to The Lounge Sound!

Happy Martini to everyone!

New Songs added today!



New songs added today, Elvis, Nina Simone, Bing Crosby, Ella, Matt Monroe, Sam Cooke, Bobby Vee, Dianah Washington, Tony Bennett and many more…

Enjoy them with a nice dry Martini!

New Music Added!

BW 12.tif

Hello all!

New servers seem to be working just great! No interruptions in over two weeks. Today I added 25 new tunes featuring…
Nouvelle Vogue, Bing Crosby, Duke Ellington, Billy Holiday, Peggy Lee and many more… More to come in the next couple days!


Done moving…


Just to let the listeners know.. we have stopped the old server and now runing only on the new server. For anyone still having issues connecting, once again new stream URL is Or simply go to our website at We are also in iTunes , Windows media Guide and

Please lets us know if you have any difficulty at all connecting…

Thanks and Have a great day!

We moved!


So we switched over to new server last last week, all seems good on my side. However some listeners still connect to old server. It’s only listeners that use Windows Media Player or Winamp, not sure why. You can tell which server you are on, by simply disconnecting and reconnecting, each time you connect to the new server you will hear a welcome message. if you do not you are on old server. I will be cutting off this old server within the next 24 hours. If you have any doubt, please either message us here on Facebook or to THANKS!

Problem Finding The Lounge Sound on iTunes?


Hello all, I have had quite a few listeners tell me that they cannot find The Lounge Sound on iTunes any more. We are still there, however for some reason we are under “Golden Oldies” and then alphabetically we are not under “T” for The Lounge Sound, but rather under “L” I hope this helps a few people!?

Ahhh… The good old days of comedy..

Dean Martin – King of the RoadWhen TV shows had no barriers……. Smoking, drinking laughing and having a great time!

Click the link below……..

Notice to listeners…

Hello all… I would just like to inform all our listeners that another popular Lounge music station is very upset that we are using the slogan “The Lounge Sound”. I will not mention this other station/website as we here at The Lounge Sound are beyond all the bickering that has taken place since last Friday. is a completely legal non profit website, that plays non stop lounge music with no commercials and does not sell or advertise anything at all. This other station has no exclusive rights in the USA or Canada to their website name or the slogan. we here at The Lounge Sound intend to keep using this name.

I would however like to ask that our listeners refrain from posting or writing any remarks on their website or their Facebook Page, as this is not The Lounge Sound way of doing things. Thanks to all our loyal listeners!


20 new songs added to The Lounge Sound’s playlist today…

We added 20 songs from this album…



A nice email from a listener…


I listen several years internet radio, but now I found this station.Wow…the best I ever heard. The lounge Sound is now my favorite on my 4 radios.
And also on my radio which is attached with speakers under my pillow. So I listen to this wonderful music till I fall asleep.
Thanks a lot and keep it that way please…no ads and bla..bla..bla.

Club des Belugas – Remix of Putting On The Ritz featuring Fred Astaire.

Found an interesting band. hope you will like them too? Lets us know what you think. Here is one of their many videos featuring a remix of Fred Astaire’s putting On The Ritz from the original movie.

Baklava Martini



A new martini was added to our list of drinks to try, The Baklava Martini!

Take a look here and give it a try!

Thanks to all the loyal listeners…..

Thanks to all the loyal listeners for sticking with The Lounge Sound during our past technical difficulties.

Thanks to all!

Dam technical issues…








Sorry once again for the technical problems… I am changing providers very soon… Hopefully over the next few days…


We are continuing to have tech issues with out streaming provider! We will look into switching streaming providers….

Please accept my apologies… Its out of our hands…


Streaming provider move. Hello all our streaming provider moved data centers over the weekend which cause an extended outrage on Sunday. They say all is ok now but i am not seeing he same amount of listeners as before their move. Please let me know if you encounter any issues with the music.


Tech difficulties yet again….

Our Internet Provider has done it again….

Sorry for the long time with no Music.

We have put a make shift monitoring in place to make sure someone gets an email or text if something is down.

But please feel free to send an email to if you notice anything wrong with the stream.


HAPPY 84th Birthday!

We would like to wish one of our loyal listeners a big 84th Happy birthday today! We don’t know his name but here is an exert of the email i received about him….

“For my boss, whom is turning 84 years old today, is a loyal listener
of The Lounge Sound. All day long since gets up in the morning until
he goes to bed all he listen is the Lounge Sound. I love to watch him
swaying to the music while brushing his teeth. He is a very cool
fellow, good father and pillar to the community.”

Lets all have a drink to his great health and love of great music!

H A P P Y *** B I R T H D A Y !!!


Internet Issues

We have been having some internet issues with our provider here in Montreal, no doubt you have noticed.
We are to replace some equipment this morning, the backup server will take over while the primary server location is upgraded. Just a note to everyone….

So sit back and relax and enjoy a Martini or 3, it must be happy hour somewhere in the world!


Rare video of two Greats, Nat & Harry

It’s hard to find live videos of some of the greats, but here are two of them together!

Nikki Yanofsky’s new album out TODAY!


Nikki is releasing her new album entitled “Little Secrets” today!

Take a gander over to YouTube and listen to her title track “Little Secrets”

And of course, Have a Happy Martini Day!

The Lounge Sound Renews Streaming Music License.


Ah Yes, another completely legal year of streaming Great Lounge Music is upon us all.

So come and listen to all the GREATS! Frank, Dean, Nat, Michael, Sammy, Rosemary, Dianna, Peggy, Vic, Mel and many many more! What are you waiting for!?

ENJOY, and of course, don’t forget your MARTINI to go with this great music!

Website Upgrades!

We added the music player to the chat section to make chatting more fun…

We also fixed the requests a song page, apparently there was a captch(those letters & numbers you had to enter) error… this has been fixed…

At the same time we moved the whole website to another server to better accommodate the increase in traffic!



Have a super Martini Day EVERYONE!

Website oddities


Hello all, we had some weird website issues lately due to increased traffic.
You might have seen an error message about a database connection, this issue has been repaired and we should be good to go now!

Thanks for your patients & loyalty  and Have a Great Martini DAY!


Yet another power failure, but all went well


We had another power failure early this morning at approx 1:40 AM EST for about 3 and half hours.

The backup server took over flawlessly, and when power returned, the primary took over just fine.

If there were any interruptions that I am not aware of, please let me know.

Thanks and have a Happy Martini Day!

Camille Terry singing Marilyn Monroe


Camille has been acclaimed as one of the BEST Marilyn Tribute Artists of the east coast! Educated at The Brooklyn Conservatory of Music, Cambridge University, U.K., and Gene Frankel Studios, she has been performing and singing as “Marilyn” with big bands and orchestras, both live and recorded, for many years!

You can here Camille singing her cool tunes on  The Lounge Sound.

Check out one of her live performances here.

Or check out her Facebook and personal website.

Website Audio Player Change.



Today we replaced our website Flash Audio Player for a HTML5 player. This will help with some browsers stuttering during playback. Please let us know if you have any oddities or difficulties playing out stream form our website…


Increased Listeners


Hello all, we seemed to have increased listeners today… lots of people are tuning in…not sure why. So if you cannot connect please be patient and try again in a few minutes…

If this increase in listeners persists I will increase the max amount of connections.

Extended power failure


Hello all, due to an extended power failure(due to very wet weather) in a certain sections of Montreal, we had some streaming issues.

The backup server did take over, but ran into some bandwidth issues, and hence the funky weirdness that went on.

All is back to normal today.

Sorry for any inconvenience this might have caused you.

Have a great Martini weekend!

Technical difficulties…


Our Streaming provider is having some Technical  difficulties with their connectivity this morning…  Please be patient and have a Martini, everything should be back to normal shortly.



Brewtopia listens to The Lounge Sound!

autumn caf

Wendy’s  place, The Brewtopia Cafe in Eastville Virgina, where everyone listens to The Lounge Sound with a cup of great coffee!

Thanks to all the listeners in Eastville!

Only Frank can do this!


Only Frank Sinatra is allowed to drink in a helicopter!

New Montly Listener stats are in, and we moved up!


So once again,  you the Listener has made The Lounge Sound that much  more popular!

We moved up 611 positions this month to 1100 over all according to ShoutCast Radio’s website.

We also increased listener hours from 40,000 last month to 65,000 this month and increased our “Tune Ins” from 64,000 to 318,000!!

So thanks to all you Loyal Listeners out there!

And as always Have a great Martini Day!

Eydie Gorme, Singer, Dead at 84


More info here.


Her popular video Blame it on the Bossa Nova is below



High Demand!


Just a note to our listeners,  we are receiving high demands for our streaming music and  that we are hitting some capacity limits.

So if you cannot connect at this moment, please try again a few minutes later.

Thanks for your understanding and keep those Martinis flowing!

The Lounge Sound is picked as Feature station on Windows media Guide

The Lounge Sound is now featured as an “Editor’s Pick” on

A celebratory Martini is in order I believe?!?!

The Lounge Sound moved up in listeners once again!




The Lounge Sound moved up another 210 places this month on charts. Way to go loyal listeners!

Lets keep moving up as far as we can go, so tune us in and get those Martinis flowing!

Request Your Song!


The Lounge Sound is now taking song requests between Monday to Friday 8AM to 5PM.

Need a song at work to keep your stress level down?

Need that song to get your toe tapping??

Simply go to this page

Send in your song request. We will try to get it on the air within 60 minutes or less, if we do not have your song we will try to find it.

So go ahead send in that request now and stay tuned to The Lounge Sound.

And as always my friends, “Have Nice Martini”.

Sinatra Forever at the Montreal Rialto with Rick Michel

The staff of The Lounge Sound will be having dinner and drinks at The Rialto in Montreal on June 1st.

More information can be found below

With a performance by Rick Michel.

Hope to see you there!

No Music!

Hello all I would like to apologize for the station being down from 4pm Monday Feb25th till Tuesday Feb26th at 8AM

Had a server issue i was not alerted to!

Sorry for any inconvenience this might have caused you.


New Crooner – Francis Dey

We are pleased to have added Francis’s 2 new singles to our playlist Charade and Hello Young Lovers.

This experienced, high-energy entertainer, Francis Dey, brings back the golden days when Sinatra, Davis, Darin and Martin
would bring an audience to its feet with no more than an inflection of their voice. Add in a touch of Michael Jackson’s dance
moves, and you’ll realize why Francis Dey is a “must see entertainer.”

As a young boy, Francis Dey jumped at every chance to perform, eager to develop his talents. Francis would perform at school
dances, weddings… anywhere there was a mic. If you were to ask him about some of those rewarding performances, he
would tell you that weddings were at the top of the list.
Francis got his break when he was selected for the cast of “Up With People.” Soon after, with diploma in hand, it was time to
hit the music scene full time. Francis put together a combo and, armed with his years of training, went out on the road. His
second break came along when he was asked to perform with the Glenn Miller Big Band. Francis loved the Big Band sound,
and soon began setting his sights on Vegas. It was because of his hard work, and another big break, that Francis’s dream of
becoming a Las Vegas showman came true.

Francis signed a recording and management contract under Buck Ram and Jean Bennett, the owners and founders of the hit
recording group The Platters (“Only You,” “Twilight Time,” “Smoke gets in your Eyes”.) After an intense internship under the
strict rule of Buck Ram, Francis was ready for the stage in Las Vegas.
Not long after his debut at the Aladdin Hotel, Francis released his first album, “Welcome to Vegas,” to great success. Francis’
was soon billed as the headliner in the showroom of the Four Queens Hotel. From there, Francis Dey’s performances were
seen in many of the legendary showrooms of Vegas.

After years of international touring and twenty years of headlining in Vegas, Francis was looking for a new opportunity. When
he was asked to produce and headline a new show in Orlando, Florida, Francis moved south. The opportunity rekindled his
spirit. The new show opened at The Plaza Show Theater in downtown Orlando to great reviews. Francis found his new home
of Orlando to be a great place to perform, and the people to be warm and appreciative of his music.
If you have the chance to be in his audience you will see why Francis Dey is a “must see showman.” Francis was made for
show business and would trade nothing for it. He says, “To get paid to do something you are truly passionate about… it’s a
great thing!”