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Cocktails for every occasion!

I recently came across a very cool site for cocktails and other recipes….

I actually landed on this page while researching some cocktail music.

Check out their site!


We’re Moving Servers!


Hey all, today we will be switching over our main streaming server. The old one will be left on for a couple weeks while everyone gets onto new one… there is nothing for you guys to do, just keep listening! Let me know if anything odd happens… this new server is host in a nice data center! No doubtingly there will be a few quirks, the most noticeable thing being the way the songs are mixed together…
Anyhow let me know if anything goes buzerk! lol

Favourite Cocktails

This post should be an ongoing forum for recipes of Cocktails to go along with listening to the great Music here at The Lounge Sound. Please feel free to post your favourite Cocktail!

Lets start!