Fresh Modern Crooners


The Lounge Sound would like to personally welcome a few Modern Crooners to our play list.

The Lounge Sound was  lucky enough to be contacted by a few Modern Crooners to have their music played on our station, so lets welcome them with open EARS.




The first New Modern Crooner is a Canadian one, Louis Martineau is an ex- Montrealer, but currently resides in  Niagara Falls, who just loves the Vegas style of crooning. He just released his second CD, “Vegas Moods” of which you can here several tracks right here on The Lounge Sound. Louis has played venues all over North America from Montreal  to Las Vegas!   For more information and some videos on Louis, visit his website






Our Second Modern Crooner is Francis Dey, his recently released  CD “Sincerely Yours” showcases his raw Vegas talent. Francis is no stranger to the  Vegas stage,  performing in some of the finest Hotels, Caesar’s Palace, The Sands and many more. Once again you can find several tracks from his CD on The Lounge Sound. Get the scoop on Francis at



Last but not certainly least is Rick Michael. The staff at The Lounge Sound recently saw Rick performing “Sinatra Forever” at the Rialto in Montreal with a 12 piece orchestra. Rick might seem new to some people but he is a veteran of the stage. Rick was fortunate  to personally  know Frank Sinatra which is a rare thing for today’s crooners. Rick is also a master impersonator, we really loved his Rodney Dangerfield bit. Rick, in our opinion is the closest one can ever get to sounding like Frank Sinatra. Many of Ricks performances of Frank hits are virtually indistinguishable from Frank! For more info on Rick check out his website


So make sure you tune into The Lounge Sound to hear these Great Modern Crooners!

And remember Nothing goes better with a Martini than The Lounge Sound!