Guess who likes The Lounge Sound?

cheers (1)

Morning all… I was excited to see over the last week or so a few of The Lounge Sound’s recent “Page Likes” & “Twitter Likes” are from some very COOL & SWINGING people!

I would like to thank all of them for their acknowledgement of the greatest Music ever written that is played on The Lounge Sound!

Here are a few of them…

* The official “Bobby Darin” Facebook Website as well as his twitter account.
* The one and only “Count Basie Orchestra”
* The very smooth Yanick Bovey
* The very talented Mr. Matt Goss
* The wonderful Sara Gazarek
* A great modern crooner Dominic Halpern
* The sultry Melissa Marquais

Thank you all for your support!

Lets all have a happy hour toast tonight for all these great artists, while of course Listening to The Lounge Sound!

Happy Martini to everyone!