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Major Internet Interruption


Hello all,  the province of Quebec had a major internet outage for about 60 mins today. This would have caused our radio stream to go up and down. Our backup source server did not take over properly, due to a power failure at the location of the backup server. Oh boy

This is a very rare event, its doubtful it will happen again, but to be extra safe we will work on a 3rd backup server system at a more remote location.

Thanks for your patients and understanding.

It’s time for a MARTINI NOW!

June Christy sings Something Cool, live, 1959

Rare video of June singing at the Playboy mansion.

Eydie Gorme, Singer, Dead at 84


More info here.


Her popular video Blame it on the Bossa Nova is below



High Demand!


Just a note to our listeners,  we are receiving high demands for our streaming music and  that we are hitting some capacity limits.

So if you cannot connect at this moment, please try again a few minutes later.

Thanks for your understanding and keep those Martinis flowing!

The Lounge Sound is picked as Feature station on Windows media Guide

The Lounge Sound is now featured as an “Editor’s Pick” on

A celebratory Martini is in order I believe?!?!

The Lounge Sound moved up in listeners once again!




The Lounge Sound moved up another 210 places this month on charts. Way to go loyal listeners!

Lets keep moving up as far as we can go, so tune us in and get those Martinis flowing!