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Website Audio Player Change.



Today we replaced our website Flash Audio Player for a HTML5 player. This will help with some browsers stuttering during playback. Please let us know if you have any oddities or difficulties playing out stream form our website…


Increased Listeners


Hello all, we seemed to have increased listeners today… lots of people are tuning in…not sure why. So if you cannot connect please be patient and try again in a few minutes…

If this increase in listeners persists I will increase the max amount of connections.

Extended power failure


Hello all, due to an extended power failure(due to very wet weather) in a certain sections of Montreal, we had some streaming issues.

The backup server did take over, but ran into some bandwidth issues, and hence the funky weirdness that went on.

All is back to normal today.

Sorry for any inconvenience this might have caused you.

Have a great Martini weekend!

Technical difficulties…


Our Streaming provider is having some Technical  difficulties with their connectivity this morning…  Please be patient and have a Martini, everything should be back to normal shortly.



New TRACKS added over last few days…

Hey!   I hope your all enjoying some of the new tracks we added recently…

Over the last few days, we have added over 100 new tracks to the play list, each and every single one listened to(and drank to) by the staff here at The Lounge Sound to make sure they fall into the category of the unique Vegas style sound or the ever popular HAPPY HOUR genre!

Some of the newly added tracks are…..

Count Basie, Bobby Darin, Mel Torme, Quincy Jones and some of the more rarer tunes of Frank that are not regularly played anywhere!

Also some toe tapping tracks from Anita O’Day, Suzy Bogguss, Nick Waterhouse, Dinah Washington,  Dean Martin and Desi Arnez

And some less known but just as talented tunes from, Julius La Rose, Lita Roza, Peter Cinotti, Tom Gaebel and David Berger.

Of course we had to through in some Harry Connick and Rene Ostead with yet a smigen more of Buble.

Enjoy, Hope you like them.

And as always my friends Have a Wonderful Martini Day!