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Website oddities


Hello all, we had some weird website issues lately due to increased traffic.
You might have seen an error message about a database connection, this issue has been repaired and we should be good to go now!

Thanks for your patients & loyalty  and Have a Great Martini DAY!


Yet another power failure, but all went well


We had another power failure early this morning at approx 1:40 AM EST for about 3 and half hours.

The backup server took over flawlessly, and when power returned, the primary took over just fine.

If there were any interruptions that I am not aware of, please let me know.

Thanks and have a Happy Martini Day!

Camille Terry singing Marilyn Monroe


Camille has been acclaimed as one of the BEST Marilyn Tribute Artists of the east coast! Educated at The Brooklyn Conservatory of Music, Cambridge University, U.K., and Gene Frankel Studios, she has been performing and singing as “Marilyn” with big bands and orchestras, both live and recorded, for many years!

You can here Camille singing her cool tunes on  The Lounge Sound.

Check out one of her live performances here.

Or check out her Facebook and personal website.