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Nikki Yanofsky’s new album out TODAY!


Nikki is releasing her new album entitled “Little Secrets” today!

Take a gander over to YouTube and listen to her title track “Little Secrets”

And of course, Have a Happy Martini Day!

The Lounge Sound Renews Streaming Music License.


Ah Yes, another completely legal year of streaming Great Lounge Music is upon us all.

So come and listen to all the GREATS! Frank, Dean, Nat, Michael, Sammy, Rosemary, Dianna, Peggy, Vic, Mel and many many more! What are you waiting for!?

ENJOY, and of course, don’t forget your MARTINI to go with this great music!

Website Upgrades!

We added the music player to the chat section to make chatting more fun…

We also fixed the requests a song page, apparently there was a captch(those letters & numbers you had to enter) error… this has been fixed…

At the same time we moved the whole website to another server to better accommodate the increase in traffic!



Have a super Martini Day EVERYONE!