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HAPPY 84th Birthday!

We would like to wish one of our loyal listeners a big 84th Happy birthday today! We don’t know his name but here is an exert of the email i received about him….

“For my boss, whom is turning 84 years old today, is a loyal listener
of The Lounge Sound. All day long since gets up in the morning until
he goes to bed all he listen is the Lounge Sound. I love to watch him
swaying to the music while brushing his teeth. He is a very cool
fellow, good father and pillar to the community.”

Lets all have a drink to his great health and love of great music!

H A P P Y *** B I R T H D A Y !!!


Internet Issues

We have been having some internet issues with our provider here in Montreal, no doubt you have noticed.
We are to replace some equipment this morning, the backup server will take over while the primary server location is upgraded. Just a note to everyone….

So sit back and relax and enjoy a Martini or 3, it must be happy hour somewhere in the world!


Rare video of two Greats, Nat & Harry

It’s hard to find live videos of some of the greats, but here are two of them together!