Some of the artists on this site you probably heard of before, but most you probably not have heard of or their music. This is what makes this site interesting, it is a great feeling to discover new “old” music, music that has been around for 50 years but you never heard of it before! As an example, to this date I along with a few friends thought we have heard every Frank Sinatra song out there, but no, once in a while an old new Frank song creeps up and surprises us and sends us into a cocktail drinking frenzy.

Some of the Artists you will hear on this Radio website are;
Frank Sinatra, Dean martin, Sammy Davis, Peggy Lee, Louis Prima, Rosemary Clooney, Toney Bennett, Vic Damon, Bobby Darrin, Steve Tryell, Perry Como, Bing Crosby, Diana Krall, Micheal Buble, Seth Macfarlen, Norah Jones, Tom Jones(no relation, hehehe), Nat King Cole, Englebert Humerdink, Count Basise, Jerry Vale, Joe Graves, Al Martinio, Mel Torme, Lou Monte, Louis Armstrong, Julie London, Billy May, Chet Baker, Lou Rawls.

This list goes on and on. So sit back and give these great artists a listen too, of course with a cocktail in your hands!

If you know of any song you should think be added to our selection please fee free to email us!