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We are now USA Licensed!!

I would like to announce we are now legally licensed to play in the USA!!
Thanks for all the donations so far! We still need to collect money to pay the ongoing fees, but we are on a great start!

TuneIn will NOT reinstate out feed due to their very silly policies, but I will have a new TuneIn link/page soon for those of you who like to use TuneIn.

To Donate please foll the below link;

Thanks again to all!

Another donation!

I would like to Thank Frederick for his generous donation to The Lounge Sound! It’s so very much appreciated! A little more to go and I can get the USA license.

Thanks again Frederick!

*** Update on USA Licensing for The Lounge Sound


Hello all…. After some researching, my current yearly license I purchase(from SOCAN) is officially for listeners on Canadian soil only. For our listeners in the USA I need to purchase another license! I am taking steps towards purchasing a license at my own expense as my station is non profit or a hobby station. I will update you as I move forward to purchase the appropriate license. Thanks for all your patients!

Sara Gazerak – New songs

Added a few Sara Gazarek tunes today. She has a great velvet voice.
Check her out here…

New tracks from Peter Kavanaugh

Hello everyone, I hope you all had some fantastic holidays!
Today I added some tracks to our playlist from a new up and coming Jazz artist named Peter Kavanaugh from his new album “Whisper Not”.

His sound is smooth & tight, the perfect music to relax to and have a Martini.

You can hear some of his tunes at the below link or just stay tuned into The Lounge Sound!


Guess who likes The Lounge Sound?

cheers (1)

Morning all… I was excited to see over the last week or so a few of The Lounge Sound’s recent “Page Likes” & “Twitter Likes” are from some very COOL & SWINGING people!

I would like to thank all of them for their acknowledgement of the greatest Music ever written that is played on The Lounge Sound!

Here are a few of them…

* The official “Bobby Darin” Facebook Website as well as his twitter account.
* The one and only “Count Basie Orchestra”
* The very smooth Yanick Bovey
* The very talented Mr. Matt Goss
* The wonderful Sara Gazarek
* A great modern crooner Dominic Halpern
* The sultry Melissa Marquais

Thank you all for your support!

Lets all have a happy hour toast tonight for all these great artists, while of course Listening to The Lounge Sound!

Happy Martini to everyone!

New Songs added today!



New songs added today, Elvis, Nina Simone, Bing Crosby, Ella, Matt Monroe, Sam Cooke, Bobby Vee, Dianah Washington, Tony Bennett and many more…

Enjoy them with a nice dry Martini!

Done moving…


Just to let the listeners know.. we have stopped the old server and now runing only on the new server. For anyone still having issues connecting, once again new stream URL is Or simply go to our website at We are also in iTunes , Windows media Guide and

Please lets us know if you have any difficulty at all connecting…

Thanks and Have a great day!

We moved!


So we switched over to new server last last week, all seems good on my side. However some listeners still connect to old server. It’s only listeners that use Windows Media Player or Winamp, not sure why. You can tell which server you are on, by simply disconnecting and reconnecting, each time you connect to the new server you will hear a welcome message. if you do not you are on old server. I will be cutting off this old server within the next 24 hours. If you have any doubt, please either message us here on Facebook or to THANKS!

Problem Finding The Lounge Sound on iTunes?


Hello all, I have had quite a few listeners tell me that they cannot find The Lounge Sound on iTunes any more. We are still there, however for some reason we are under “Golden Oldies” and then alphabetically we are not under “T” for The Lounge Sound, but rather under “L” I hope this helps a few people!?

20 new songs added to The Lounge Sound’s playlist today…

We added 20 songs from this album…



Thanks to all the loyal listeners…..

Thanks to all the loyal listeners for sticking with The Lounge Sound during our past technical difficulties.

Thanks to all!

Dam technical issues…








Sorry once again for the technical problems… I am changing providers very soon… Hopefully over the next few days…


We are continuing to have tech issues with out streaming provider! We will look into switching streaming providers….

Please accept my apologies… Its out of our hands…


Streaming provider move. Hello all our streaming provider moved data centers over the weekend which cause an extended outrage on Sunday. They say all is ok now but i am not seeing he same amount of listeners as before their move. Please let me know if you encounter any issues with the music.


HAPPY 84th Birthday!

We would like to wish one of our loyal listeners a big 84th Happy birthday today! We don’t know his name but here is an exert of the email i received about him….

“For my boss, whom is turning 84 years old today, is a loyal listener
of The Lounge Sound. All day long since gets up in the morning until
he goes to bed all he listen is the Lounge Sound. I love to watch him
swaying to the music while brushing his teeth. He is a very cool
fellow, good father and pillar to the community.”

Lets all have a drink to his great health and love of great music!

H A P P Y *** B I R T H D A Y !!!


Website oddities


Hello all, we had some weird website issues lately due to increased traffic.
You might have seen an error message about a database connection, this issue has been repaired and we should be good to go now!

Thanks for your patients & loyalty  and Have a Great Martini DAY!


New TRACKS added over last few days…

Hey!   I hope your all enjoying some of the new tracks we added recently…

Over the last few days, we have added over 100 new tracks to the play list, each and every single one listened to(and drank to) by the staff here at The Lounge Sound to make sure they fall into the category of the unique Vegas style sound or the ever popular HAPPY HOUR genre!

Some of the newly added tracks are…..

Count Basie, Bobby Darin, Mel Torme, Quincy Jones and some of the more rarer tunes of Frank that are not regularly played anywhere!

Also some toe tapping tracks from Anita O’Day, Suzy Bogguss, Nick Waterhouse, Dinah Washington,  Dean Martin and Desi Arnez

And some less known but just as talented tunes from, Julius La Rose, Lita Roza, Peter Cinotti, Tom Gaebel and David Berger.

Of course we had to through in some Harry Connick and Rene Ostead with yet a smigen more of Buble.

Enjoy, Hope you like them.

And as always my friends Have a Wonderful Martini Day!

5 Minute Power Failure


Hello all, we had a 5 min power failure about 55 mins ago. The backup Server at another location took over just fine and all is great…. I will switch back to the primary server at some point today which will make a small interruption of only a few seconds, unless your on the web player, then you will simply have to refresh that window.



Major Internet Interruption


Hello all,  the province of Quebec had a major internet outage for about 60 mins today. This would have caused our radio stream to go up and down. Our backup source server did not take over properly, due to a power failure at the location of the backup server. Oh boy

This is a very rare event, its doubtful it will happen again, but to be extra safe we will work on a 3rd backup server system at a more remote location.

Thanks for your patients and understanding.

It’s time for a MARTINI NOW!

Welcome to all the listeners in the UK!

We would like to welcome all the listeners we have had recently from the UK and from Wight Island. The Lounge Sound received and email from a friend Holguin, Cuba today about a Lady broadcaster from a radio station on Wight Island whom found our station interesting and loved the music!

Anyone know this Radio Station??

Glad to see The Lounge Sound is  crossing oceans now!  That’s more people enjoying our great music and of course  more people enjoying a great Martini!

Have a great weekend everyone!

New Songs Added….



Here a few tunes we added over the last couple days….


Frank Sinatra – Sunday
Michael Buble – Tell Him He’s Yours
Michael Buble – Me & Mrs. You
Michael Buble – Peroxide Swing
Frank Sinatra – I Wish You Love
Buddy Rich    – Machine
Paul Young – Tainted Love
Paul Young – Bennie & The Jets
Louis Prima – I’ve Got The World On A String
Helen Forrest  – Taking a Chance On Love Remastered
The Pussycat Dolls  – Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps
Tony Bennett –  Let’s Face The Music And Dance
Tony Bennett – I Guess I’ll Have To Change My Plans
Tony Bennett – Taking A Chance On Love
Aretha Franklin – How Glad I Am
Julie London – September In The Rain
Mel Torm’e – Nice Work If You Can Get It
Patti Page  – When You’re Smiling
Frank Sinatra – Get Happy
Blossom Dearie – Love is Here to Stay
Ella Fitzgerald  – April in Paris
Lila Downs  – Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps
Russel Watson – You make me feel so young


Listener Increase by 25% oever the last 5 days!

Brian_Griffin Hello all… just wanted to say we have increased our listening audience a good 22% over the last 5 days!

That’s “Very Sexy Baby”

Not sure what caused the increase, but Thanks to all the loyal listeners and all the new ones too!

Now go make yourself a double Martini, The Weekend Has Arrived!


New HTML5 Audio Player


Hello all, we have a new Audio Player to listen to The Lounge Sound. It uses HTML5 so you will be able to listen for days on end with no freezing vs the Flash Player.

You can go here Listen Live Page and select the “New HTML5 Player” and off you go.

It would seem though that most of you use other players like Winamp or iTunes, but if you want to use a web player than this new HTML5 player is for you.

However, it does not work with Firefox(shame on your Mozilla), but Internet Explorer and Chrome work just fine!


Intermittent outages.


Hello all just to let you know we put in place our backup radio server and were doing some testing this morning, you might have been disconnected once or twice for 30 seconds or so. All should be working fine now; If one server or network fails the other will take over seamlessly.

Thanks for your patients! And it’s Martini Friday!

Interruption of Music.


We would like to apologize for the outage we had from May 23rd 2013,  3AM EST to May 23rd 2013,  8AM EST we had a network failure that was out of our control.

Our technical team is looking into creating a secondary service that will be on a different network that will take over if the primary goes down.

Thank you for your patients.

The Lounge Sound staff.

Time for a Martini Now!

Sinatra Forever at the Montreal Rialto with Rick Michel

The staff of The Lounge Sound will be having dinner and drinks at The Rialto in Montreal on June 1st.

More information can be found below

With a performance by Rick Michel.

Hope to see you there!

New songs added Feb 1st

Added some tunes today….

A forgotten few… hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

So, you know the drill, make a Martini and turn it up!

Swingin Affair – Bert Kaempfert

Bossa Nova Baby – Elvis Presley

Are You Havin’ Any Fun? – Tony Bennett & Duet With Dani Martin

Blues In The Night – Quincy Jones

I’m Beginning To See The Light – Ella Fitzgerald, Count Basie

Love Me Tonight – Tom Jones

The Late, Late Show – Nat ”King” Cole

You’re the Boss – Elvis Presley & Ann Margaret

Mambo Swing – Bad Bad Voodoo Daddy

Temp Web Player up now!

I threw together a temp pop up web player to replace the broken one for now… its not that bad…. I will work on it…

Hope its ok…….

Broken Web Player :0(

I just noticed as I got back from vacation, that the web player does nto work. We are working on this and will get it going ASAP.


Thanks for your patients!



Thanks to all the listeners!

We would like to take a moment to wish everyone Happy & prosperous New Year and also to keep listening to The Lounge Sound!

We have had a 5 fold increase in listeners over the last several weeks! Its nice to know that so many people are interested in the type of Music that I personally love…

So make yourself a Martini or two and turn on The Lounge Sound! As usual if you have any questions or comment please send them to

Thanks and keep on Listening!

Where are our listeners are from??

I was looking at the listener stats today to see where people are coming from to tune in… here is a quick listing…

Top 5 countries

United States

Those top 5 make up almost 50% of our listeners… The rest of the 50% are from surprising places, well to me anyways….

United Arab Emirates

The list goes on!

I thank all of you for tuning in!

We will soon be starting our Happy Hour broadcasts again, probably with in the next 2 to 3 weeks with new equipment!

Hope to see you there!

Have a great day/evening!

New Website

Hello all fellow Lounge Music lovers! We are changing up our site a bit, making look a little more professional, although its all personally run by Rob & John as a hobby, no commercials or funding of any sorts other than from my pocket. :0)

Take a look around and feel free to reply to this post and tell us how you like it or if you find any issues…

Thanks and have a great day/evening/night!

Rob & John