Listen to The Lounge Sound on your Mobile Device!

To listen to the fantastic tunes of The Lounge Sound on the GO, you can install the ShoutCast Radio App(free), Slacker Radio(free), TuneIn(free) or Wunder Radip App(paid).

I will show you how to do it step by step for an iPhone. As for other devices,  feel free to email me a  “How To” for your phone of device.

So here are the steps for iPhone for Shoutcast Radio App:


1) Go to App Store on your iPhone and search for ShoutCast

Press the icon with the faint yellow box around it….

Now type in Shoutcast Radio in the search bar….

Then press on “Shoutcast Radio”

It will then bring you to this screen, press install.

It is a FREE app, mine says installed because I already installed it! 🙂

So press Install…

The you should be here….

Now Just press Install again…..

After it’s finished you should see your new Shoutcast Radio icon like this, the icon in the yellow box

Now press this icon to start ShoutCast and then press on the Stations icon/option

No press in the search bar and type in  The Lounge Sound

Once typed it in press Search…

You will now see My Radio Station, The Lounge Sound!

Press on it and now you can start to listen to those great tunes!

IF ever you close your phone or the App , next time you open it, the station will be saved!

Just press on The Lounge Sound once again to start listening to some great Music!

I hope all went well for you!

Have a great day!

3) Once installed, go to the App and start it.