1) Our interpretation of lounge music, Vegas style is when a person can mentally picture themselves comfortably lounging around with a few friends, having a cocktail, chatting and enjoying great music. Each song that is played on this website must come with that “vision”. If we cannot see ourselves drinking along with a song, it’s not added to our playlist!

2) We play mostly “crooner” music along with “swing”, but also thrown in is some jazz, BossaNova, Latin, Cuban, some Instrumental and fun traditional Italian “Trattoria” Music. Most traditional Vegas style lounge music is very old; mostly 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s, but not the more popular music from the 50s such as Rock N Roll. This Rock N Roll is what killed the Crooner and Swing music of the 50s!

3) We also play modern crooner and jazz greats too, as long as it fits into the above “genre” of drinking. So, one minute we can be playing Vic Damone and the next Norah Jones!

4) There are many different types of lounge music, chill, jungle, jazz, modern, etc… Try and give a listen to the original lounge music that Vegas fans loved!